Club History and Original Mission

This club was founded in 1983 by colorful Norwegian " Trygve Bauge," for the purposes of expanding upon his life-extension ideals, and moreover, as a social vehicle. I had taken over the Boulder Polar Bear Club in 1995 since Trygve has had some "immigration problems," forcing his departure back to Norway, despite his leaving "frozen assets" behind.

The club's principle activity was the annual ice plunge at Boulder Reservoir on New Year's Day at noon. The event had grown from the original three attendees in 1983, to over 600 brave souls in 2008.

I let the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado run the event for a fundraiser after I moved to California. After a few years they let the event go to the Boulder County AIDS Project, which has hosted the New Year's Day Ice Swim as a fundraiser in 2014 and 2015.

The event is now hosted by the American Cancer Society for cancer awareness and fundraising.